Chip It Up

Using your prepaid Chippie account, Chip It Up enables you to send and receive Chippie call credit with ease . By simply entering a string of codes, you can now send Chippie call credit to anyone you wish; whether among family or friends.

How to

transfer credit Chippie to Chippie

  • Enter *199*destination number*amount*PIN#
  • Example: *199*59995299100*1000*12345#

change PIN code

  • Enter *198*PIN*new_PIN*new_PIN#
  • Example: *198*12345*54321*54321#


  • Always enter the amount to be transferred in cents, i.e. 5 guilders call credit would have to be entered as 500
  • Money can only be sent to and received by Chippie phones , with a Netherlands Antilles phone number ,within the Netherlands Antilles .Chippie account should be active in order to use the service
  • Not applicable for Chippie Kids or Chippie Students packages
  • Chippie Company account should be handled through the Company Account Manager