St Maarten Mobile

  • How can listen to my Voicemail?

    Voice Mail is the voice message recording service. You can access your voice Mail when you’re in Curaçao and when you’re abroad.

    From Curaçao

    To listen to recorded messages on the GSM CHIPPIE Voice Mail Service from a GSM phone in Curaçao, you must dial *99, and follow the instructions or you can dial 9 519 9400 and follow the instructions.

    From abroad

    You can also access the GSM CHIPPIE Voice Mail Service from abroad. In this case one must dial the following number: + 599 9 519 9400.

  • How do I apply for the Roaming Services?

    The Roaming Service gives a person the opportunity to travel to a foreign country with his GSM cell phone and be available on his local number. The Roaming Service is only available for the GSM CHIPPIE postpaid Service. When a client has the GSM Chippie cell phone service at his disposal, he doesn't have to apply for the Roaming Service. The Roaming Service is automatically on the GSM system.

  • How do I enquire into the status of my balance?

    To hear your balance:

    • Call *91 (star 91)
    • Press 1
  • How do I recharge my GSM Chippie account?

    You can recharge your GSM Chippie Prepaid account in various ways:

    1. by purchasing a prepaid GSM Chippie card;
    2. by purchasing talk time at one of UTS' Client Service Centres or any of the UTS cash desks;
    3. by purchasing talk time through the IZItime service of Girobank N.V. or at the desk of any of the Girobank N.V. branches;
    4. by purchasing talk time with the Bankomátiko card through the UTIL service of Maduro & Curiél's Bank N.V. In the same way, also at the desk of MCB branches or by using the Telebanking service MCB@Home.

    These services are also available at Banco di Caribe.

  • What is a (GSM) Chippie Prepaid Card?

    The Chippie Prepaid Card is a prepaid telephone card which you can use to recharge your (prepaid mobile) account so you can make calls on your CHIPPIE mobile phone.  Chippie Prepaid Cards are widely available, all around the Island, at denominations of 5, 10, and 25 guilders; Once placed on your Chippie mobile phone, your credit has a 30-day validity.

  • What happens when a GSM Chippie Prepaid has no balance?

    When you use all your credit (available balance) from your GSM Chippie Prepaid account, it is no longer possible to make calls. You must recharge your account In order to make phone calls once more.

  • What's a PUK Code?

    A PUK Code is an 8 digit code that you must use to unblock your phone. A phone is blocked when you enter a wrong PIN Code several times in a row. However, if you repeatedly enter one wrong PUK Code after the other, your CHIPPIE SIM-card will be permanently blocked. This means that you cannot use your CHIPPIE SIM-card anymore. In this case you must buy a new CHIPPIE SIM-card.

  • What's a PIN Code?

    A PIN Code (Personal Identification Number) is a secret personal code of 4 digits that you can use to block your phone. By doing this, you prevent other people from making calls on your phone.

    When you buy a CHIPPIE SIM-card, the PIN Code in the phone is 0000. It's recommended to change this PIN Code as soon as you start using a SIM-card.

    When a phone is blocked with a PIN Code, you must use that PIN Code each time you turn on your phone. If you use a wrong PIN Code several times in a row, your phone will be blocked. In this case you must use your PUK Code to unblock your phone.

  • Which services do I have in my GSM CHIPPIE package?

    Additional services beside the different options offered by the GSM CHIPPIE service;

    • Atami (Caller ID)
    • Siguimi (Follow Me)
    • Wardami (Call Waiting)
    • Blòkiami (Call Barring)
    • Conference with three people (only Chippie Postpaid)


    Of these services Atami is automatically pre-programmed. In other words this service can be used immediately. To access the other services you must refer and program the phone as indicated in the phone manual. The manual gives specific instructions on how to activate these services according to the model of each phone. If the phone model does not have one of the above-mentioned facilities, this means that you cannot use the service in question.

  • What's a CHIPPIE SIM-card?

    A Chippie SIM-card contains all information that corresponds to you, like your phone number, type of accessible service (prepaid or postpaid) and a list of numbers that you call more often if saved on your SIM (Phone Book).

  • How do I send a SMS from my GSM Chippie?

    The HEPA service is the UTS service that is commonly known as SMS (Short Messages Service). Through this service a person can send messages of a maximum of 160 digits, directly from his cellular phone to another GSM CHIPPIE cellular phone. It's good to consult the phone manual to check how this service functions on each phone.

    In order to use the HEPA service from a GSM CHIPPIE, it's necessary, when using the service for the first time, to enter the UTS Message Centre access code. The number of the UTS GSM Chippie Message Centre is: + 599 9 519 9300 (you must add the "+" too).

  • Can I change all GSM phones into GSM CHIPPIE?

    There are some important points to be taken into consideration once you have acquired a GSM phone and require it to function on the UTS GSM CHIPPIE system.
    The UTS GSM CHIPPIE system functions on a 900/1800 Mhz frequency (Dualband). This means that the phone you purchase must be either a Dualband one (900/1800 Mhz) or a Triband one (900/1800/1900 Mhz).

  • What is a Chippie Mobile?

    CHIPPIE is the name of the GSM Cellular Phone Service of UTS. GSM stands for Global System for Mobile Communications. It is a highly advanced cellular phone service technology that offers reliable voice and data services.

  • What do I pay when I call a GSM Chippie from a home phone?

    The rate when calling a GSM Chippie cell phone from your postpaid home phone is 50 cent per minute. When calling from your Telefasil account you pay 59 cent per minute.
    These rates are valid during the whole day.

  • What happens if the complete account balance has not been used?

    If you do not use the complete amount of your call credit from your GSM Chippie Prepaid account and the account reaches its expiry period, you can no longer make calls. You must recharge your phone to keep making calls. You do not lose the expired amount. When you recharge your account you have a lapse of 60 days to recharge your account again to get the amount back .If you fail to do so your phone will be disconnected.

  • I have a specific question on Roaming. How can I get in touch?

    Our friendly professionals are more than willing to assist you with additional information on our Prepaid Roaming Service. For information on how to get in touch with us please visit our contact page on this website.

  • How do I access the GSM CHIPPIE Prepaid main menu?

    To access the main menu of the GSM CHIPPIE Prepaid Service, you must: dial * 91 (star 91) or #191# send